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Pricing options and plan inclusions for selling on Madeit

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Following are some definitions to help you make sense of the inclusions in the above tables:

What's It All Mean?

Concurrent Listings are the maximum number of active listings you can have in your store at one time. You can deactivate and reactivate listings as much as you like, relist items when they sell, list new items when one-off items sell, and sell multiple quantities without incurring more listing fees.

Categories / Item While previously we charged 25c per item to include it in a second category, Micro Biz, Small Biz, and Professional plans let you list all your items in two categories so they're easier for customers to find.

Gift Guide Credits Each gift guide credit allows you to promote one of your products in our gift guide for 15 days. These credits do not expire, so if you don't use them all in the billing period, they just roll over to the next quarter / year. You can also purchase additional gift guide credits at any time for $2 each.

Product Variations Got a product that comes in a range of sizes, materials, fragrances or colours etc? List them as one product and create a drop-down menu for customers to choose their preferred variant.

Coupons & Store Sales Put your entire store on sale at the click of a button, or create coupon codes to offer discounts, free shipping, or minimum spend free shipping to customers with the code (1 code per transaction).

Shoppable Instagram / Facebook Export your listings to Facebook to populate a Facebook shop with all your active Madeit listings and enable product tagging on both your Facebook and Instagram posts. Customers can click on tagged products in your post or your Facebook store to go straight to the relevant product page of your Madeit store to checkout. NB: Some Facebook and Instagram accounts may not yet be eligible for shoppable posts and this is at the discretion of the social media platform and out of Madeit's control.

Unlimited Quantities The number of concurrent listings in your plan will not include multiples of the same item, so if you have 10 of one product it will count as 1 active item in your store.

No Commissions Perhaps best of all, we are no longer charging sales commissions, and there are no sales caps, so you can sell as much as you like, and your plan price is all you will pay.

Quarterly or Annual? You will be able to choose your preferred plan and if you can commit to us by subscribing for a year (not available on hobby), your plan will be up to 20% cheaper! Plus, we'll be in a loving, committed relationship!

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